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Why Should You Partner With Wellness Strategies Group?

If you require the expertise of an experienced nurse case manager, who plays a role similar to that of a geriatric care manager but also incorporates a clinical aspect, it may be time to collaborate with Andrea.  When faced with a medical diagnosis, having someone with a nursing background as part of the care manager team can be advantageous.

Taking the initial step to hire a clinical professional can be challenging, but you’ve come to the right place.  Andrea possesses valuable experience working with older adults, making her an excellent choice for assistance in managing medications, medical appointments, chronic medical conditions, and other health and safety concerns.  Rest assured that she is ready to provide the support you need.

Andrea is skilled at adapting care plans to accommodate your present circumstances, whether you are at home, in the hospital, or residing in a rehabilitation facility.  She is eager to provide compassionate and respectful care, tailored to address the individual and unique needs of you or your loved one.

For those seeking specialized dementia care, Andrea is a dedicated and compassionate advocate.  With her certification as a dementia practitioner and expertise as a registered nurse consultant, she will diligently develop a personalized care plan.  Andrea’s extensive experience in educating families, loved ones and employees about dementia make her an invaluable asset.  She is committed to supporting you and achieving success in your dementia care journey.

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Get Exceptional Geriatric Care Services In Howard County

With decades of experience as a geriatric care specialist, Andrea understands the utmost importance of delivering exceptional care for older adults.  Her unwavering dedication lies in creating and securing the finest geriatric and dementia care solutions for yourself or your family members.  Count on Andrea to provide the highest quality of care and support that you and your loved ones deserve.

Throughout her years of experience, Andrea has collaborated with numerous families in Howard County.  By actively listening to their needs and desires, she assists them in achieving their healthcare goals.  Andrea takes pride in providing clients with personalized and professional concierge services.  Count on her to deliver tailored care that meets your unique requirements, while ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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As a compassionate and professional expert in older adult care, Maryland families rely on Andrea to guide them through the complexities of the ongoing care journey.  With her valuable elder care services, she can provide exceptional support for you or your loved one.  Trust in Andrea’s knowledge and experience to ensure the well-being and comfort of seniors in need.

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