Health & Safety Checks

Securing routine health and safety checks for a loved one can avoid drastic consequences in the future. If you want to ensure your family members and friends are in great physical and mental health, have them evaluated by a registered nurse frequently to identify underlying medical problems and changes in their condition so further evaluation and treatment are secured quickly.  

Find out all you need to know about health and safety checks.

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When Should you Schedule a Health & Safety Check?

Are you concerned about your well-being or the well-being of a loved one? It’s always hard to watch family members or friends struggle with health issues. You might feel helpless when they’re going through a painful illness or a change, and this is why you must focus on health and safety checks as preventative medicine.

Health & Safety Checks are perfect when you aren’t sure if someone is taking care of themselves, you question if you or your loved one is medically or psychologically stable, or when you live far away, or are traveling, and you would like someone to check-in.

Having a registered nurse complete a home visit to assess health, wellness, and safety is valuable and offers peace of mind. Visits can be completed at your or your loved one’s home, an assisted living facility, a memory care facility, a rehabilitation center, or wherever a healthcare professional check-in is needed.  

The Importance Of Health & Safety Checks

It’s never too early to start thinking about the safety and health of loved ones, especially as they are aging.The aging process naturally brings changes.  Some older adults may feel that they are a burden when changes appear and they may tend to disguise them.  

Or the older adult may not realize that they are experiencing a change in their physical or cognitive condition.  While you may want to help them with their health concerns, it may make it an uncomfortable situation for you and your loved one if you intervene.  Hiring a medical professional provides an objective view and allows you to continue to be their wonderful support system.  To maintain a stable medical status, regular health and safety checks are important for family members and friends.

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What's Included?

Initial visit:

A registered nurse completes a 2-hour comprehensive assessment and environmental screening, with a holistic approach. A holistic nursing assessment focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates psychological, spiritual, and social status as well because these factors are intertwined to make up a whole person.

A physical exam with vital signs is completed and medical history is obtained so there is a clear understanding of the current and past health conditions. This identifies needs and risks correctly. If there are needs or risks to address, a plan is generated with instructions for the next steps. The client’s support system is informed of the plan because a team approach achieves better outcomes.

Follow-up visits:

A registered nurse completes a 1-hour visit with a focused nursing assessment and environmental screening.

Who is This Service for?

Our extensive health and safety checking services are available for anyone. Individuals with special medical conditions can hire Andrea to get regular checkups.

How Often Are the Visits?

After the initial consultation is completed, the health & safety checks can be completed weekly, every other week, monthly, or at another requested frequency. The flexibility in scheduling visits makes this a popular service.

Hire Andrea To Conduct Effective Health And Safety Checks

Do you feel health and safety checks are needed, but you don’t know what to do? Andrea will help you every step of the way. She will thoroughly examine a patient’s medical condition and guide them accordingly with recommended visits. She can help discover hidden medical problems and start the process of further evaluation and treatment to achieve better health.  

Ready to take the next step to ensure your loved one is safe? Connect with Andrea for more details.

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