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Are you looking for a reputable registered nurse case manager, which provides a higher level of care than a geriatric care manager? Andrea has 30 years of nursing experience to provide overall care and achieve her goal for creating extensive geriatric care plans that improve health and wellness for older adults.

Here’s what you need to know about her elder care services:

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The Importance Of Geriatric Care Plans

Geriatric care plans are the best way to ensure you and your loved ones are achieving optimal health and wellness and have the right care in place.  The aging process requires specialized care.  Geriatric care plans can assist you or your loved one in successfully aging in place. Whether living in the same home for the last 50 years, or transitioning to a new home, a care plan for older adults addresses all of their care needs and secures their safety.

A holistic nursing assessment is used to generate a geriatric care plan.  This focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates psychological, spiritual, and social status as well because these factors are all intertwined to make up a whole person.  A geriatric care plan created by a registered nurse offers a higher level of care utilizing clinical experience.

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Why Should You Hire A Healthcare Consultant?

If you need an experienced nurse case manager, which addresses a broader level of care than a geriatric care manager, it’s time to collaborate with Andrea.  She been caring for seniors and their families for decades. She knows that it’s not always easy to take the first step in hiring a clinical professional, but you’ve come to the right place.

Andrea has experience working with older adults, so if you need help managing medications or medical appointments, chronic medical conditions or other health and safety concerns, she’s ready to support you.  Andrea can adapt your care plan to your current situation, whether you are at home, in the hospital, or at a rehabilitation facility.  A healthcare consultant is an expert in navigating healthcare and Andrea looks forward to caring for you or your loved one with compassion and respect, while addressing the individual and unique needs.

If you require dementia care, Andrea is a strong and passionate advocate. As a certified dementia practitioner, registered nurse, and healthcare consultant, she will make sure the person living with dementia has a care plan with well-written and specific dementia care solutions.  Having an expert on the team helps achieve success.

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Andrea Bendig, owner of Wellness Strategies Group.

Let Andrea Help You!

As a registered nurse case manager, Andrea knows that her client’s needs are unique and she has the knowledge to develop tailor-made plans that work. As the compassionate and empathic older adult expert who Maryland families entrust to help navigate them through the continuum of care cycle, Andrea can provide valuable elder care services for you or your loved one.

Ready to secure a higher level of care?  Contact Andrea for more details about her senior care services.

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