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Thinking about creating a plan to achieve optimal health, wellness and care? You’re making the right decision! 

Andrea specializes in creating individualized and tailor-made health and wellness strategies for Maryland’s older adult population.  Her focus is helping seniors age in place – safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most to them. This is why Andrea is considered Maryland’s premier elder care consultant.

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Why Should You Ask For A Geriatric Care Plan?

Geriatric care plans are a crucial part of planning for your or your loved one’s future, especially as one ages. The purpose of a geriatric care plan is to ensure your or your loved one’s needs are all being met with a holistic approach, and that they are adjusting well during the aging process.

Andrea believes everyone deserves a life with the best health, wellness and care, whether that means aging in place or moving into an assisted living facility where professional caregivers will provide assistance. That’s why she creates geriatric care plans—so seniors don’t have to worry about their health, or how they’ll be cared for in the future. Andrea knows that having a plan ahead of time can help ease some of the burden for you or your loved one, and it avoids a crisis.

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Get Top-Notch Senior Care Services In Columbia MD From A Healthcare Consultant

As a geriatric care specialist, Andrea has been working with seniors for over thirty years and knows how crucial it is to provide high-quality care to older adults.  She is dedicated to helping you find the best geriatric and dementia care solutions for you or your family members.

Andrea has worked with many families across Howard County over the years, actively listening to their needs and wishes while helping them reach their healthcare goals. She prides herself on being able to offer clients personalized, professional and exceptional services.  

She’ll work with you to create a care plan that ensures you or your loved ones receive the full spectrum of care that is deserved.  She’ll start by dedicating the time to get to know them.  Afterall, this is about person-centered care, and every detail is important in developing a plan that fits perfectly.

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Andrea Bendig, owner of Wellness Strategies Group.

Here’s How Andrea Can Help

You may search for a geriatric care manager in Columbia MD, but if you have complicated medical needs or take medication, so you will want an elevated professional who has a strong clinical background.  This is where Andrea’s expertise comes into play.  With 30 years’ experience as a nurse, and having worked in home care, assisted living and memory care settings, clients look to Andrea as their senior healthcare specialist.  

If you are looking for dementia care, she’s qualified and happy to help with this too.  Dementia isn’t one size fits all, and she will support, educate and advocate for Maryland seniors living with a diagnosis of dementia.

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