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Health Benefits of Smiling

Check it out.  There are science-backed health benefits for smiling.  Here are great reasons it’s worth doing, even if you are having a bad day.  

Elevates mood:  smiling activates the release of dopamine (feel-good hormone) and serotonin (an anti-depressant).

Reduces pain:  smiling activates the release of endorphins which have analgesic (pain reliever) effects.

Reduces stress:  smiling reduces stress-induced hormones in our body to help one feel calm.

Increases life span:  research studies indicate frequent smiling can increase one’s life span by 7 years.

Boosts immune system:  smiling releases dopamine which activates the immune system to respond.

Reduces heart disease:  smiling usually leads to laughter, which increases oxygenated blood when you take in those deep breaths, which is best for your cardiovascular system.

Reduces anxiety:  smiling reduces stress in the body naturally as neuropeptides fight off stress.

Increases endurance:  smiling during physical exercise is shown to use less oxygen which reduces exertion.

Lowers blood pressure:  heart rate and blood pressure are lower after smiling and laughing because muscles become more relaxed.

Contagiousness:  if you smile, it’s likely that the next person will smile, so pass on those health benefits to others!  

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