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Andrea Bendig

Wellness Strategies Group stands out in providing exceptional dementia care solutions.  Led by Andrea, a Registered Nurse, Dementia Practitioner and dementia educator, we are dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals living with dementia.

With Andrea’s expertise, she develops creative and effective plans that prioritize the quality of life and care for your loved ones.

You can have full confidence in her to deliver personalized solutions that address the unique needs of those with dementia, ensuring their well-being and comfort are always a top priority.

Andrea Bendig is the trusted geriatric nurse case manager preferred in Maryland.  With extensive experience in caregiving, healthcare and assisting clients, Andrea excels in guiding individuals through the continuum of care.

Her primary objective is to support older adults aging in place, ensuring their safety, health, and connection to what truly matters to them.

With Andrea’s proficiency, clients rely on her as a dedicated professional who will prioritize their well-being and help navigate the care journey.

With a remarkable 30 years of combined experience as a licensed nurse in both the healthcare and senior care industries, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients.

She understands the importance of delivering the quality of care that you rightfully deserve and is dedicated to advocating for it.

Recognizing the inherent complexities of healthcare, Andrea strives to simplify and demystify the process, making it easier for you to comprehend and navigate.

Greater National Advocates

At Wellness Strategies Group, our focus in on crafting personalized health and wellness strategies specifically designed for the older adult population.

Andrea, our compassionate expert, is dedicated to building a strong bond of trust with clients as she guides them through various medical challenges.

As your clinical partner, she actively listens to your goals and aspirations, working closely with you to develop a tailored plan that enables you to achieve them successfully.  

What Clients Say

Kevin H.
Kevin H.Spouse of client
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"Andrea has 30 years of nursing experience and it shows. Two days after she agreed to take on our situation, my wife went to the hospital. She texted every day to ask how she was and spoke to the nursing staff at the hospital when I asked her for advise. One of the things that I like the most about her is that she cares. She has my trust. The combination of her knowledge, experience, caring personality and knowing when to engage and when to wait is excellent. If you need a Care Manager, I highly recommend Andrea. You won't be disappointed."
Wendy R.
Wendy R.Daughter of client
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"I have known Andrea for over 30 years. When it was time to get some help for a family member, we reached out to her. We had other options but we chose Andrea for several reasons. She has extensive training and her evaluation process reflects her years of experience in the field. She listens intently and asks additional questions, diving into certain topics and making sure every issue is addressed. Her follow up report made it easy for my family member to make some changes...which should make things safer for him and also improve his quality of life. She also has a great sense of humor and she is kind. We were all a little anxious about the meeting but we were all at ease within minutes of Andrea walking through the door. I highly recommend Andrea for anyone needing a Senior Healthcare Specialist!"
Mary S.
Mary S.Certified Senior Advisor
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"Often times, when my clients contact me it's because they're looking for support during a time of turmoil, and emotions are high. That's why I love referring clients to Andrea. Besides her calm and kind bedside manner, Andrea is "the expert" when a family needs coaching on their loved ones health condition, coaching on a current hospital stay, and even coaching on adapting to dementia. Andrea not only puts my clients at ease, she also puts me at ease knowing my clients are in getting white-glove support regarding their health change."
Suzanne S.
Suzanne S.Daughter of client
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"I hired Andrea to assist with a family member who had unexpected, and severe, complications from surgery. Andrea was very helpful in explaining medical concepts, reassuring our family, and making sure that all protocols, necessary interventions, and additional services were provided to the patient. When the patient was discharged to a rehabilitation in Northern Virginia, she helped us find an appropriate geriatric care manager there to take over the case. Andrea was available any time we needed her and the patient was also delighted to have her help. Highly recommend.
Coleen D.
Coleen D.Assisted Living Owner
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"Andrea Bending, is a great asset to families. She’s there to navigate them through the process to ensure that your loved ones are getting the best possible care and support they deserve. I am the owner of sunflower hill ALF, I worked with her. She’s very helpful and supportive, her clients loved her. She truly cares about her people."

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Your Advocate and Consultant

I am delighted you are here.  

As a registered nurse case manager, I utilize my extensive 30 years of nursing experience to create individualized and comprehensive plans that effectively achieve your health and care goals.  

Whether you’re seeking a geriatric case manager, dementia guidance, improved health, or any other healthcare-related assistance, I am here to serve as your expert and advocate. 


 I firmly believe that adopting a holistic approach encompassing assessment, education and advocacy is crucial for achieving success.  When working with you, I recognize that you are more than just a medical diagnosis.  You are a whole person with unique needs and aspirations.

That’s why I am committed to dedicating time and effort to truly understand you, ensuring that your care is tailored to your individual circumstances.  By taking this comprehensive perspective, we can work together towards achieving the best outcomes for you.

Whether we partner for occasional visits or meet routinely, I deeply appreciate the trust my clients place in me to make a positive impact.  I am eager and excited to make a difference for you as well.  Let’s initiate a conversation and discuss how I can support you.

Benefits of a Nurse Managing Geriatric Care

An article published by The National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine explores how “nurses provide the front line health care for older adults“.  Having a nurse on the care team significantly enhances patient outcomes by reducing illnesses and hospitalization rates.  Overall, having a nurse manage geriatric care improves the quality of life for older adults and contributes to better health outcomes.


As your dedicated healthcare consultant, Andrea is driven by a mission to create care plans that enhance your health and wellness.  She is committed to guiding you through the complexities of the healthcare system and serving as your unwavering advocate.  Andrea’s goal is to ensure that you receive the comprehensive and compassionate care you truly deserve, covering the full spectrum of your healthcare needs.

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