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Meet Andrea Bendig, MSN, RN, CM, DN, CDP

Andrea Bendig, the owner and founder of Wellness Strategies Group, is a registered nurse with 30 years of experience.  Her journey in nursing began right after high school, driven by a passion for caring for others.

Nursing has been Andrea’s sole career; shaping her into an empathetic educator, healthcare professional, navigator, and advocate, always striving to make a positive impact.

Andrea’s extensive experience encompasses serving as the Director of Nursing with a specific focus on older adult health and dementia care.

She has demonstrated excellence in her nursing leadership role, providing support and coaching to registered nurses, encouraging their professional development, and enhancing overall patient care.

In a previous position, she was recognized for her expertise, receiving the Mildred Baron scholarship award.  She actively pursued further knowledge in dementia care by attending training at the Copper Ridge Institute. 

Meet Andrea Bendig a trusted Dementia Care Consultant

She is a certified trainer for The Virtual Dementia Tour by Second Wind Dreams ®, teaching employees, caregivers, and family members about dementia.

Her involvement extends beyond training, as she actively contributes to her community as a member of the Howard County Local Health Improvement Coalition and Business Women’s Network.  

In addition, Andrea generously volunteers her time by offering educational classes within the community, furthering her commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering others.

Residing in Howard County, Maryland, Andrea finds joy in spending quality time outdoors with her family and two beloved Newfoundland dogs.

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Why I Created Wellness Strategies Group

I’ve spent 30 years in the nursing industry helping patients and clients improve their health and wellness.  What I realized, both professionally and personally, is that there is a gap in our healthcare system.  

I see that patients and clients are lost and lack adequate education about their own health and wellness, and about what they should expect from their healthcare system. 

In the fall of 2020, I sat in a physician’s office, next to my husband. The doctor shared the unexpected news that he had an incurable cancer.  The physician continued speaking about the disease and treatment options, but I didn’t hear anything the physician said.

There were so many questions. Even as an experienced healthcare professional, I felt lost and confused.  I wasn’t sure what the next best step was.  I was no longer the nurse: I was the loved one and caregiver.  

This experience ignited the passion to start Wellness Strategies Group. I’m dedicated to providing comprehensive strategies and solutions for my clients so they can be empowered and educated in their healthcare journey.

If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed, I’m here to help you as your personal educator, supporter and Healthcare Advocate.  You don’t have to travel the journey alone.  

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