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I’m happy that you are here searching for support.  You’ve come to the right place.  I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed and confused that can arise when caring for a loved one with dementia.  

When you partner with me, you’re connecting with a professional who has supported and educated others about dementia for decades.  As a Registered Nurse, Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), and someone who has traveled the dementia journey with a family member, I’m ready to help you.

I provide compassionate, expert guidance for you and your family members so you can navigate this journey with confidence, less stress and enhanced skills leading towards improved quality of life.  Together, we can achieve success.

Get in touch with me today to bring expertise to your loved one’s doorstep and experience attentive, tailored guidance that you both deserve.  

"I highly recommend Andrea. You won't be disappointed". - Kevin H.

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Andrea Bendig MSN RN CM DN CDP

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Trusted Dementia Care Practitioner

Familiar Environment

Assessing one in their home provides a familiar and comfortable setting, reducing anxiety that might arise in an unfamiliar setting. This allows for accurate observation of daily routines and behavior.

Personalized & Comprehensive Evaluation

A thorough assessment takes the living situation and social support into consideration. These are essential factors in understanding the impact of dementia on daily life.

Enhanced Observation

Observation on how one interacts with their family members and surroundings provides valuable insights into their cognitive abilities, behavior changes and functional limitations.

Tailored Care Plan

A personalized care plan addresses the specific needs and challenges. Recommendations may include medical management, cognitive and physical stimulation, and support services.

Family Involvement

Family members or caregivers can be involved during the assessment which allows for direct education; empowering families to better support their loved one.

Safety Assessment

A home environment assessment looks for potential safety risks and recommends a safe living space that maximizes the person’s independence.

Reduced Disruption

Having the assessment conducted at home minimizes disruptions and maintains a supportive atmosphere reducing the chance for increased confusion or agitation.

Holistic Approach

These assessments consider the person’s physical, emotional, and social well-being, leading to a holistic understanding of the condition and care requirements.

Why is it Important to Have a Dementia Care Consultant the Care Team?

A CDP is a highly skilled healthcare professional with extensive experience in supporting individuals diagnosed with dementia.  CDPs have specialized training and a certification from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

Andrea possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in the dementia journey.  She is equipped with valuable insights, techniques and strategies to provide the highest level of care and advocacy, improving the quality of life.

The combination of being a RN and a CDP makes Andrea the perfect choice for dementia care.  She is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those living with dementia, offering invaluable support to both the individual and their families.   

Her clinical background allows her to be your clinical liaison, coordinating care when needed with your healthcare professional, so you can reduce stress and find peace of mind knowing a professional is supporting you.

Through her commitment, Andrea designed a wellness program tailored specifically for dementia caregivers.  If you are supporting someone with dementia, you can begin your path to empowerment and wellness by clicking here.

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Telehealth appointments are available for this service.
What To Expect
Initial Consultation:

A comprehensive 90 minute telehealth or home visit assessment.

Review of all medical history and medication.  This allows for accurate identification of needs and potential risks.

Cognitive assessments may be completed to identify strengths and weaknesses.  This information guides the dementia care journey, ensuring appropriate support and interventions.

The individual’s level of functioning is evaluated to develop a personalized plan to address challenges, improve health, wellness, and overall care.

An environmental screening identifies possible safety concerns and establishes a dementia-friendly environment that is optimal and conducive for aging in place.  

A customized dementia care plan is designed, encompassing essential instructions to optimize your loved one’s well-being, promoting comfort, safety, and overall quality of life.  This plan provides step by step guidance tailored specifically to your loved one’s abilities and needs.

As a special bonus, following the initial assessment, you gain the exclusive opportunity to select additional support that perfectly aligns with the unique needs of you and your family.  

* Andrea offers her clients on-call consultation when unexpected needs arise *

Expert Dementia Care Consulting Services

We provide a diverse range of specialized consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Healthcare Advocate: Advocating for patients to ensure their needs are met.

Geriatric Care Manager: Providing personalized care management for seniors.

Nurse Leadership Coaching: Coaching and mentoring for nursing professionals.

Dementia Caregiver Support: Offering guidance and support for dementia caregivers.

If you’re seeking personalized advocacy to navigate the healthcare system and ensure your needs are addressed, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

"Andrea is an expert in Dementia and I have seen her assist clients in high stress situations." - Karen H.

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Success Story

Discover the inspiring journey of our client, living with dementia, who is successfully aging in place with a family caregiver.  Faced with cognitive decline and unexpected agitation, the family caregiver was considering moving their loved one out of the home.  

Wellness Strategies Group designed personalized dementia care solutions. The caregiver implemented one of our data collection tools, enabling us to work with the healthcare provider to make adjustments to medications for optimal dose and time.  The caregiver received techniques, including effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, and how to respond during times of agitation.  These moments have been reduced, and the caregiver is now able to skillfully de-escalate the situation.  

Together, we transformed challenges into triumphs, enhancing the well-being of both the client and the caregiver.  We are so proud of this caregiver’s resilience!

Follow Up Visits
  • Flexible weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits
  • Virtual platform available anywhere in the US
  • In-person visits available in Central Maryland

On-Call Support

  • On-call RN support with prompt response
  • No commitment terms
  • Text, phone, and email support available

Private Coaching

  • One on one coaching with Andrea
  • Flexible 30 or 60 minute sessions
  • Virtual platform available anywhere in the US

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