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Why is it Important to Have a Certified Dementia Practitioner on the Care Team?

A Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) is a highly skilled healthcare professional with extensive experience in supporting individuals diagnosed with dementia.  CDPs have undergone specialized training and certification from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, demonstrating their commitment to continuous education and exceptional care. 

Andrea possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals living with dementia.  She is equipped with valuable insights, techniques and strategies to provide the highest level of care and advocacy, improving the quality of life for those aging in place.

The combination of being a registered nurse and a CDP makes Andrea the perfect choice when you are searching for dementia care and assessment.  She is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those living with dementia, offering invaluable support to both the individual and their families.  

Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care & Assessment

Familiar Environment – Assessing a person in their own home provides a familiar and comfortable setting, reducing potential anxiety or stress that might arise in an unfamiliar setting, allowing the nurse to observe their daily routines and behavior more accurately.

Personalized & Comprehensive Evaluation – The registered nurse can conduct a thorough assessment taking into account the person’s living situation and social support, which are essential factors in understanding the impact of dementia on their daily life.

Enhanced Observation – In a home setting, the nurse can directly observe how the person interacts with their family members and surroundings which provides valuable insights into their cognitive abilities, behavior changes and functional limitations.

Family Involvement – Family members or caregivers can be actively involved during a home-based assessment which allows the nurse to answer questions and provide education about dementia care, empowering them to better support their loved one.

Safety Assessment – The registered nurse can assess the home environment for potential safety risks and make recommendations to create a safe living space that minimizes hazards and maximizes the person’s independence.

Reduced Disruption – Having the assessment conducted at home minimizes disruptions and helps maintain a stable and supportive atmosphere reducing the chance for increased confusion or agitation.

Holistic Approach – An in-home assessment allows the nurse to consider the person’s physical, emotional, and social well-being, leading to a more holistic understanding of their condition and care requirements.

Tailored Care Plan – The nurse can develop a personalized care plan that addresses the specific needs and challenges which may include recommendations for medical management, cognitive and physical stimulation, and support services.


What To Expect

Initial visit:

Andrea will conduct a comprehensive home visit to provide a holistic and thorough assessment, incorporating the importance of a person’s overall well-being.

During the visit, Andrea will perform a physical examination, including vital signs, and gather detailed medical history.  This comprehensive understanding of both current and past health conditions allows for accurate identification of needs and potential risks.

Cognitive assessments will be completed to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  This information is priceless in guiding the dementia care journey, ensuring appropriate support and interventions are provided.

A detailed assessment of the individual’s level of functioning is conducted.  By gathering this information, a personalized plan can be developed to address challenges, improve health, wellness, and overall care.

An environmental screening is also completed to identify possible safety concerns and establish a dementia-friendly environment that is optimal and conducive for aging in place.  

A customized dementia care plan is designed, encompassing essential instructions to optimize your loved one’s well-being, promoting their comfort, safety, and overall quality of life throughout their dementia journey.

Follow-up visits:

Through Andrea’s expertise and attention to detail, the follow up visits encompass a comprehensive assessment and a careful evaluation of the dementia care plan.   This ensures that the individual’s evolving needs are met, providing them with the best possible care.  The care plan may be revised to accommodate changes and needs.


Who is This Service for?

Anyone experiencing:

Memory Loss


Mild Cognitive Impairment


Alzheimer’s Disease

Lewy Body Dementia

Frontotemporol Dementia

Parkinson’s Disease

Vascular Dementia

How Often Are the Visits?

The frequency of visits depends on the specific condition and requirements. Typically, Andrea visits monthly but if the patient is experiencing a change in their physical or cognitive status, visits are adjusted as needed.  By remaining flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of the patient, Andrea ensures that they receive appropriate and timely care.

Partner With Andrea For Dementia Care
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Are you seeking a dementia assessment and assistance for your loved one?  Look no further, as Andrea is here to help!  With her expert-level services, she understands the feelings of being overwhelmed and confused that can arise when caring for a loved one with dementia.

When you hire Andrea, you’re not just getting an experienced registered nurse and CDP, you’re connecting with a professional who has educated others about dementia for decades.  You will receive strong support for you and your family member, and you will quickly learn that the education you receive is invaluable.  

Get in touch with Andrea today to bring her expertise to your loved one’s doorstep and ensure they receive the compassionate support they deserve, right where they feel most at ease.

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