How Often Are Geriatric Wellness Visits?

These visits can be completed at various intervals, but a monthly visit is typically recommended.

Maryland Geriatric Care Plans Include:

Who Benefits From Geriatric Care Plans?

This service is for anyone aged 65 or older .

Why is a Maryland Geriatric Care Plan Important?

Are you an older adult or responsible for caring a Maryland senior?

Geriatric care plans completed by a registered nurse are person-centered, and holistic, and include the client’s wishes with the goal of improving care and achieving optimal health and wellness.  

Nursing care plans consider all diagnoses, levels of functioning, mental health status, medications, the environment, and the client’s support system. 

A home visit is completed wherever the home is; independent living, assisted living, or a memory care facility.  

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What's Included In a Maryland Geriatric Care Plan?

During the initial visit, a registered nurse completes a two-hour comprehensive assessment and environmental screening, with a holistic approach.  

A holistic nursing assessment focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates psychological, spiritual, and social status as well because these factors are all intertwined to make up a whole person. 

A physical exam with vital signs is completed, and medical history is obtained, so there is a clear understanding of the current and past health conditions.  This identifies needs and risks correctly.  

Once all the information is gathered, a plan with detailed instructions is generated.  

This geriatric care plan may include instructions such as following up with a specialist to address a diagnosis, dietary changes, incorporating exercise, or making environmental changes to allow one to age in place safely.  

The client’s support system is informed of the plan because a team approach achieves better outcomes.

Maryland Dementia Care & Education

Hospital & Rehab Advocacy

When Do You Or Your Loved One Need A Maryland Healthcare Advocate?

If you or a loved one is in the hospital, rehab, or other care facility and you are concerned about the care or what the next steps are, this service is for you. 

There are times when you may feel you aren’t receiving updates from the facility or the medical information you are receiving is confusing. You may also feel that the care is not satisfactory. You could be the responsible party for making important decisions about procedures or care. 

This service will help you grasp a clear understanding of the current health condition and what care should be expected.  

A registered nurse advocate can assist with the discharge plan and transition to the next care facility or home.

Is Maryland Healthcare Advocacy Right For Me?

Any Marylander could benefit from a healthcare advocate when planning a hospital or rehabilitation visit or when families aren’t sure how to navigate the healthcare system when their loved ones are inside a hospital or rehab or are discharging from a hospital or rehab. 

What To Expect When You Hire Andrea As Your Maryland Healthcare Advocate?

During the initial visit, a registered nurse visits the care facility to meet with the patient.

Initial visits typically last about an hour.

Medical paperwork – the admission note, medication list(s), physical therapy notes, and other pertinent documents – are reviewed during Andrea’s first visit. 

Andrea regularly conducts a bedside assessment when she firsts meets her new client. 

She’ll consult with the rehab or or hospital social workers, nursing staff, and physicians, and the patent family members. She’ll then gather details about the patient’s medical condition(s) and assemble a comprehensive healthcare plan. 

With her clients’ permission, Andrea communicates the plan she created family members (or a designated patient representative) in a clear and concise manner to ensure that patients and their loved ones make well-informed decisions. 

Additionally, Andrea will review the hospital or rehab facility’s discharge orders.

Andrea will work alongside rehab facilities and hospitals, seeking permission to attend discharge planning meetings or telephone conferences to to ensure her patients are discharged safely and fully comprehend and understand their discharge orders. 

Follow-Up Maryland Healthcare Advocacy Visits

Follow-up visits could last 30 minutes or longer depending on the services completed.

How Frequent Would I need Andrea's Healthcare Advocacy Services?

The frequency of advocacy visits varies based on the clients personalized needs.  

Some clients only need one visit; others may need several to improve the discharge process and support family members.  


Maryland Health & Safety Checks

When Should You Schedule A Health & Safety Check?

Are you concerned about your well-being or the well-being of a loved one? 

Health & safety checks are the perfect solution when you aren’t sure if someone is taking care of themselves. 

Having a registered nurse complete a home visit to assess health, wellness, and safety ensures peace of mind.

Visits can be completed at yours or your loved one’s home, an assisted living facility, a memory care facility, a rehabilitation center, or wherever you choose.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Health & Safety Check?

This service is available for anyone with mostly any condition. 

What To Expect During A Maryland Health & Safety Check?

During the initial visit, Andrea conducts a two-hour comprehensive assessment. 

A holistic nursing assessment focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates a patient’s psychological, spiritual, and social status. These factors are intertwined to make up a whole person. 

Andrea completes a physical exam and gathers the client’s comprehensive medical history. Subsequently, Andrea generates a health and wellness plan and articulates precise instructions to execute the plan accordingly. 

With the client’s permission, Andrea will notify her clients’ support system (loved ones, friends, neighbors, etc.) and inform them about the plan she created. A comprehensive approach achieves the best outcomes. 

Follow-Up Visits

Health & Safety Visits can be completed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or at the discretion of the client or their loved ones. 

This is one of Andrea’s most popular services because of the flexibility of her schedule. 


Medication Management

Why is Medication Management Necessary?

Medication is only effective when it is taken as prescribed, and you are well-informed about your medication. 

Whether you need help filling your pill boxes, want to learn more about your medication, need to improve medication compliance, or need a medication review, this service will accomplish those goals

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What's Included In Andrea's Medication Management Services?

A registered nurse – Andrea – completes a home visit for a two-hour holistic comprehensive assessment and environmental screening.

A holistic nursing assessment focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates psychological, spiritual, and social status as well. These factors are all intertwined to make up a whole person. 

A physical exam with vital signs is completed and medical history is obtained. This is done so there is a clear understanding of the patient’s current and past health conditions, and it identifies needs and risks correctly.  

All medication, including prescription, over-the-counter, and supplements are reviewed.

Determining the optimal medication regimen can be a delicate balance.

The combination of medication and corresponding dosage must be done be just right to ensure the desired effect and to reduce the chance of side or adverse effects. 

Andrea’s medication review may result in recommendations to address with a physician. 

A physician’s assessment may help verify that the client is capable of self-administering their medication.

The registered nurse may fill pill boxes for the client on a regular basis and continue to educate the client to achieve the highest level of independence.

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