Dementia Caregiver Program

Dementia Caregivers:  This Wellness Program is for you!


I’m so happy you are here searching for dementia caregiver support.  Whether you’re providing full-time care to a loved one or they receive care from others, you’ve come to the right place. 

You are probably feeling overwhelmed, sad, stressed, tired or a combination of these.  It’s completely normal.  I was a family caregiver too, and I understand it’s not easy.  I’m here to introduce key tools so you can thrive as a caregiver, navigate challenges with confidence, and enhance your well-being.

Leveraging 30 years of nursing experience and a dementia practitioner certification, coupled with my dedication to supporting clients and families affected by dementia, I have created this signature program exclusively for you.

* 12 Weeks to Empowerment & Wellness * is designed to empower you – the unsung hero of dementia caregiving – while helping you excel in self-care.  You will gain self-confidence, sustainable lifestyle changes and a sense of resilience.  

I look forward to welcoming you into a community that truly understands the challenges you face.  Let’s partner so you can begin on the path to success.  It is possible!


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This program is virtual so you can experience it all from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

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Are You Ready to Embark on a Transformative Journey?

This program emphasizes two main areas:  dementia care and caregiver well-being.  These components complement each other seamlessly, empowering participates with a renewed sense of hope and resilience.  

I realize that you struggle with communicating with your loved one, managing behavioral changes, and navigating complex healthcare systems.  You might have even questioned whether you are suited for a caregiver role.  Knowing the intricate details of dementia reduces challenges, and I bring decades of knowledge to share with you.  

You likely find your own wellness is often overlooked because you are busy being a caregiver.  I’m here to guide you in adopting a lifestyle so you can enhance your well-being, enabling you to become a better caregiver.

Rest assured that I have helped countless clients and their families throughout the dementia journey.  I will be your coach, your supporter and your expert.  Together, we will transform your caregiving approaches and improve your wellness.  

12 Weeks to Empowerment & Wellness

Program Details:


We also offer individual coaching sessions and a 6-week program.
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Here's What We Will Cover In 12 Weeks

When Is The Right Time To Enroll?

The time is now.  Your interest in exploring this program suggests you will benefit.  Waiting will not change the present, but enrolling now ensures peace of mind for the future.

Spots Are Limited

The number of clients is limited allowing me to provide unparalleled attention and dedication to each individual's journey. Call to connect and schedule a convenient time for your coaching sessions.

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Transform Your Caregiving Journey!

I’m ready to be your compassionate expert, guiding you through a journey of knowledge, support and resilience.  We will work together, one on one, giving you full attention so you can thrive as a caregiver and step into a calm and centered mindset.

Are you ready to take the first step towards finding empowerment and wellness as a dementia caregiver?  Get in touch with me.

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Success Story

I had the privilege of delivering specialized dementia training for a group of caregivers.  The power of education directly influences positive outcomes. 

“Andrea conducted dementia training for direct support professionals.  The training, as well as her expertise and perspective, were top tier.  Her training was thorough and most importantly impactful.  Andrea is amazing!”   –  Jessica Musselman, VP & CEO


Flexible Coaching
  • Full program benefits
  • Private coaching
  • You select your preferred topic from the 12 week program menu

6 Week

  • Full program benefits
  • Private coaching 
  • 6 sessions
  •  You select 6 topics from the 12 week program menu

12 Week

  • Full program benefits
  • Private coaching 
  • 12 sessions
  •  Allows for personalization


  • 12 Week Program PLUS
  • Bonus – 2 hour initial assessment and customized plan of care

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