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Geriatric Care Manager & Case Management

Why Is having a Geriatric Care Manager Important?

Are you an older adult or responsible for caring for someone who is?  If so, collaborating with aging care professionals like Andrea for case management can yield significant advantages.

Geriatric care planning and case management offer professional guidance and are essential in promoting a person’s well-being. Geriatric care managers help maintain the independence of older adults and address possible challenges that can develop with aging.

Care plans from registered nurses and expert social workers are a road map for the future.  They encompass diagnoses, medications, healthcare options, financial planning, advanced directives such as a Maryland MOLST Form, and environmental safety – all supporting the aging process.

A comprehensive approach to geriatric care management allows for personalized care, proactive preparation, optimal health outcomes, and enhanced communication among healthcare professionals, caregivers, and family members, leading to more coordinated and effective care.

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What To Expect

Initial visit:

Andrea will conduct a comprehensive home visit to provide a holistic and thorough assessment.


She will perform a physical examination, check vital signs, and gather a detailed medical history.  This comprehensive understanding of current and past health conditions allows for accurately identifying needs and potential risks.


Andrea will complete a medication review, ask how medication is being taken, and ensure it is set up appropriately.


A detailed assessment of the individual’s level of functioning is conducted.  By gathering this information, a personalized plan can be developed to address challenges, improve health, wellness, and overall care.


An environmental screening is also completed to identify possible safety concerns and establish an optimal and conducive environment for aging in place.


A customized geriatric care plan is generated, encompassing essential instructions to optimize your loved one’s well-being, promoting comfort, safety, and overall quality of life throughout the aging journey.  

Follow-up visits:

Through Andrea’s expertise and attention to detail, the in-home visit encompasses a comprehensive assessment and a careful evaluation of the geriatric care plan.  This ensures that the individual’s evolving needs are met, providing them with the best care.

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How Often Are the Visits?

The frequency of follow up visits depends on the specific conditions and requirements.  Typically, Andrea visits monthly but if the patient is experiencing a change in their physical or cognitive status, visits are adjusted as needed.  We ensure you receive appropriate medical services and timely care by remaining flexible and responsive to the patient’s evolving needs. 

Partner With Andrea For Geriatric Case Management

Caring for an older adult family member or friend poses ongoing health challenges, particularly when it comes to creating a comprehensive geriatric care plan that caters to their medical needs and lifestyle.

Andrea is well aware of these challenges.  Drawing on her three decades of nursing experience, Andrea will develop a personalized care plan that considers the individual’s unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences for providing care management services.

With her expertise, she becomes the ideal companion to navigate through physical or cognitive health changes.  As a devoted healthcare advocate, she simplifies medical jargon for your understanding and ensures you are well informed about your options.  

Ready to have a registered nurse and aging expert on your care team? Contact Andrea today for more details about her services.

Expert Dementia Care Consulting Services

We provide a diverse range of specialized consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Healthcare Advocate: Advocating for patients to ensure their needs are met.

Certified Dementia Practitioner: Providing specialized care for individuals with dementia.

Nurse Leadership Coaching: Coaching and mentoring for nursing professionals.

Dementia Caregiver Support: Offering guidance and support for dementia caregivers.

If you’re seeking personalized advocacy to navigate the healthcare system and ensure your needs are addressed, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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