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I’m happy that you are here searching for support.  You’ve come to the right place.  With 30 years of nursing experience, I offer compassionate and comprehensive home visits.  

I understand the challenges of managing health conditions and concerns about ensuring everything is okay.  I am also well-versed in identifying the essential support required to age in place comfortably and successfully.  

By providing personalized, compassionate care in the comfort of your – or your loved one’s – home, a home nurse can significantly enhance the quality of life and provide peace of mind.

Whether you are searching for an occasional check in, or you are looking for more regular visits, I’m ready to help you.  We will work together to create a plan that meets your goals and enhances your health, comfort and safety.  

Get in touch with me today to bring expertise to your – or your loved one’s – doorstep and experience attentive, tailored guidance that you or your loved one deserve.

"If I could add more stars, I would. I've received so much valuable assistance and support from Andrea." - Sharon C.

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Andrea Bendig MSN RN CM DN CDP

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Trusted Home Nurse Services

Home Visits

Experience the benefit of a nurse visit in your own home, a familiar and comfortable setting. This can reduce anxiety and avoid leaving the home if you have mobility issues.

Health & Safety

We offer regular health assessments and monitoring of vital signs. This is helpful after discharge from the hospital or rehab and can prevent future illness.

Objective Guidance

If you are wondering if additional care such as home care or a move to assisted living is necessary, you can count on us to provide objective and expert guidance.

Peace of Mind

Discover peace of mind knowing that a clinical expert is monitoring your loved one's well-being and safety when you are concerned, or you can't physically be there.

Family Involvement

Family members can receive regular updates after the nurse visit to stay informed about their loved one's overall health and wellness.

Safety Assessment

A home environment assessment identifies safety risks and creates a safe living space that maximizes the person’s independence.

Medication Management

We create strategies to improve medication compliance. We can fill pill boxes based on physician orders to ensure accuracy.

Flexible Visits

Our home nurse visits are tailored to fit your personal needs and budget. There are no commitment terms or minimums.

Why is it Important to Have a Home Nurse on Your Care Team?

A home nurse can provide many services based on your specific needs and they bring clinical oversight to the comfort of your home.  Our services ensure that you – or your loved one’s – needs are met promptly and effectively.  This proactive approach helps in maintaining health but also prevents potential complications. 

Andrea possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in one’s health and wellness journey.  She is equipped with valuable insights, techniques and strategies to provide the highest level of care and monitoring, improving the quality of life.

Her clinical background allows her to be your home nurse liaison, coordinating care when needed with your healthcare providers and family, so you can find peace of mind knowing a professional is monitoring and supporting you – or your loved one.

Call today for a complimentary phone consultation to learn more!

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In-person home nurse visits are available in Central Maryland.  Telehealth appointments may be available in other areas.

What To Expect

Step 1:  Call for your complimentary phone consultation to discuss your home visit needs.  Rates will be provided and are based on your location and frequency of visits.

Step 2:  Complete an electronic service agreement *without commitment terms or minimums* and schedule your first home nurse visit.

Step 3:  The first visit reviews your medical historymedication list, and level of functioning.  An environmental screening is completed to identify possible safety concerns.  Andrea then develops a professional, personalized plan of care.  Together, you discuss visits moving forward.

* Andrea offers her clients on-call consultation when unexpected needs arise.  This is a very valuable benefit for Wellness Strategies Group clients.  If an emergency arises, you can expect a return call the same business day.

Expert Dementia Care Consulting Services

We provide a diverse range of specialized consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Healthcare Advocate: Advocating for patients to ensure their needs are met.

Geriatric Care Manager: Providing personalized care management for seniors.

Nurse Leadership Coaching: Coaching and mentoring for nursing professionals.

Dementia Caregiver Support: Offering guidance and support for dementia caregivers.

If you’re seeking personalized advocacy to navigate the healthcare system and ensure your needs are addressed, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

"Working with Andrea was a joy." - Joyce G.

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Those who:

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Are recovering from a Recent Illness or Injury

Want Peace of Mind Knowing That Everything is Okay

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Need Help Managing Their Medication

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Have Multiple Medical Diagnosis

Aren't Sure if More Support is Needed

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Aren't sure If Assisted Living is a better option


Want to Age in Place

Want Vital Sign Monitoring

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Want to Improve Their Health

Success Story

Discover the inspiring journey of our client, who had a minor stroke.  Her family grew concerned about her living alone and they decided to hire Wellness Strategies Group for regular visits.  Our home nurse noticed that her medication was disorganized, and she admitted that she forgot to take her pills at times.  We also observed that her blood pressure was not well-managed.

Knowing that maintaining a normal blood pressure and taking medication as prescribed, was critical in preventing future strokes, we implemented a plan to address both.  Starting with home visits two times a week, we were able to reduce visits to weekly, and now they are monthly.

We are thrilled to see this client thriving with regained independence.  Regular nurse visits and personalized care can make a significant difference in someone’s life, and we couldn’t be happier for our client in her success.

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