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Healthcare advocacy is becoming more of an urgent need as our healthcare system has weakened over the last several years.   Often individuals and their loved ones are faced with a sudden change in health that requires immediate decisions related to healthcare.  They may not feel they have the knowledge to understand the current situation, or they may be confused by the medical lingo. Today, healthcare outcomes are affected by healthcare advocacy.   If you’re looking for a reliable healthcare advocate, it’s time to connect with Andrea Bendig.

As a reputable healthcare nurse advocate, she’ll ensure patients completely understand their current medical situation and the options available to them.  She will support them during difficult transitions and advocate for them to receive the care they need and deserve. Here’s all you need to know about her healthcare advocate services.

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When Do You or a Loved One Need an Advocate?

If you or a loved one is in the hospital, rehab, or other care facility and you are concerned about the care or what the next steps are, then this service is a must.  

There are times when you may feel you aren’t receiving updates from the facility or the medical information you are receiving is confusing. You may also feel that the care is not satisfactory. You could be the responsible party for making important decisions about procedures or care. A healthcare advocate has the education and training necessary to ensure a patient receives the best care possible. A registered nurse is qualified to advocate on your behalf at every stage of your medical status.

This service will help you grasp a clear understanding of the current health condition and what care should be expected. A registered nurse advocate can assist with the discharge plan and transition to the next care facility or home. If a patient needs surgery or a hospital stay, a healthcare nurse advocate will work with hospital employees to ensure the treatment process is completed smoothly.

Healthcare advocates understand the challenges that patients face, and they know how to communicate with doctors and other healthcare professionals. When it comes to healthcare, there’s no room for shortcuts. You must conduct extensive research to select an effective medical option for treatment. However, selecting a healthcare option without clinical knowledge can be challenging. This is why Andrea Bendig’s nursing background and strong advocacy practices offer her patients peace of mind.

What's Included?

Initial visit:

A registered nurse visits the care facility, and the visit lasts about one hour. Medical paperwork including the admission note, medication list, physical therapy notes, and other pertinent documents are reviewed. A focused bedside assessment of the client is completed. Consultation with the facility social workers, nursing staff, and physicians gathers details about the current medication condition and the plan moving forward.  

This information is then relayed to the client and their family members in a clear concise manner, so well-informed decisions can be made. A care plan for discharge from the facility is generated, and at times, the advocate will attend discharge planning meetings or telephone conferences to make sure all the supports are in place for a smooth transition.

Follow-up visits:

A registered nurse visits as needed, and the duration maybe 30 minutes or longer depending on the services completed.

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Who is This Service for?

This service is available for any patient and for any medical condition.  

How Often Are the Visits?

The frequency of healthcare nurse advocate visits varies based on medical requirements. Some clients only need one visit and others may need several visits to ensure quality care is being provided, or to improve the discharge process and support family members.  

Let Andrea Help You!

Searching for a trustworthy healthcare advocate? If yes, connect with Andrea Bendig. She’s a renowned registered nurse and offers exceptional healthcare advocacy services for her clients. She can assist patients in understanding their healthcare options and help them make informed decisions about their treatment and secure the best possible care.

Ready to have a strong advocate on your side? Contact Andrea Bendig for more details.

Andrea Bendig, owner of Wellness Strategies Group.

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