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Caring for someone living with dementia and understanding this condition can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have clinical knowledge and expert training in this field. If you need help, it’s time to connect with Andrea Bendig. She has extensive experience working with those living with dementia and has been an educator on this topic for many years, training family members, loved ones and employees working in home care, assisted living, and memory care.   

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Why is it Important to Have a Certified Dementia Practitioner on the Care Team?

A Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) is a healthcare professional who has experience working with those who have a dementia diagnosis, and the CDP has received additional training and certification from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. These professionals are dedicated to advancing their education in this field and committed to providing the highest level of care and advocacy for those living with dementia.

Andrea provides extensive guidance on managing your loved one’s dementia diagnosis. If your loved one is planning to age in place, she tackles barriers such as managing challenging behaviors and creating an environment that is successful.  She gives her patients the detail oriented attention they deserve and realizes the importance of creating an individualized plan. Andrea is also instrumental in collaborating with the healthcare provider to ensure all areas of health and wellness are being addressed.

The combination of being a registered nurse and a CDP make Andrea the perfect choice when you are searching for dementia care and education.  Her strong clinical background is key to putting all of the pieces together for your loved one.

What's Included?

Initial visit:

A registered nurse completes a home visit for a 2-hour comprehensive assessment and environmental screening, with a holistic approach. A holistic nursing assessment focuses on more than physical condition. It evaluates psychological, spiritual, and social status as well because these factors are all intertwined to make up a whole person.

A physical exam with vital signs is completed and medical history is obtained so there is a clear understanding of the current and past health conditions. This identifies needs and risks correctly. The level of functioning is assessed and details about challenging behaviors are gathered. A plan is then developed to address any challenges and improve health, wellness, and care.

This dementia care plan may include instructions such as following up with a physician for lab studies, changing communication strategies, or making environmental changes to improve way finding and reduce safety risks.  

Dementia education is provided to the client’s support system. This includes what to expect and how to respond. The client’s support system is informed of the dementia care plan because a team approach achieves better outcomes.

Follow-up visits:

A registered nurse completes a 1-hour home visit with a focused nursing assessment, environmental screening, and review of the care plan. The care plan may be revised based on needs and risks.  


Who is This Service for?

Individuals who’ve been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s disease or any cognitive impairment will greatly benefit from this service.

How Often Are the Visits?

The frequency of our practitioner’s visits depends on the individual’s condition and needs. Typically, Andrea visits weekly or monthly but if the patient is experiencing a change in their physical or cognitive status, visits are adjusted as needed.

Why Should You Hire Andrea as Your Certified Dementia Practitioner?

Looking to help your loved one who is living with dementia? Andrea Bendig can assist you! As a certified dementia practitioner and a registered nurse, her expert level services will lessen your feeling of being overwhelmed and confused while you are caring for your loved one.

When you hire Andrea Bendig, you’re not just getting an experienced nurse, you’re connecting with a professional who understands the unique challenges of dementia. She has been helping families by creating dementia care plans for decades.  Not only will you receive strong support for you and your family member, you will quickly learn that the education you receive is invaluable.    

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This is a photograph of Andrea Bendig, owner of Wellness Strategies Group, at a wellness event in Howard County, Maryland.

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