8 Questions to Ask When New Medication is Prescribed


Are you well informed when new medication is prescribed?  If you aren’t asking these 8 questions, you probably aren’t.  Medication is complicated.  The name, the ingredients, the directions, the desired effects, the side effects, the recommended dosage, the color, the shape…the list goes on.  A better-informed patient creates better results so understand the answers to […]

Can Drinking Tea Change the Way Your Medication Works?


Do you know that herbal and green teas can alter how over the counter and prescription medications work?  These teas can enhance or reduce the effectiveness of certain medications.   If you take Coumadin, it is most likely prescribed to treat or prevent clots.  It does this by reducing Vitamin K activity in the body, […]

Ask for a Medication Review


Do you take medication? If you do, this blog is for you. Take a deeper look into your prescription bottles. Do you know why you are taking the medication? Do you take several medications that are treating the same problem? Do you know the possible side effects and adverse effects? Do you know if any […]